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When traveling by air, the biggest hassle is getting to the airport on time, making it through security, checking your flight number on the TV to get to your gate, etc. There's nothing worse than finding out that your airline flights were moved up causing you to miss a flight or pushed back causing you to wait in the terminal, bored, for hours.

To avoid much of the stress that comes along with airline flights, you should use some form of flight tracking to ensure you don't deal with scheduling headaches. Most airline flights will have a flight tracking system through their carrier, but these systems usually require you to input lots of information to get a simple schedule.

3rd party flight tracking services require you to only input your airport and flight number and will give you the most up to date scheduling regarding your flight. When you are frantically preparing to get to the airport for your flight, using such tracking can help out a lot, letting you know whether you have less time due to a flight getting in earlier or more time to get ready if a flight has been delayed.

Missing a flight is very aggravating because you don't know how long you'll have to wait on standby and you may miss whatever appointments you had scheduled in the next city. Additionally, you may have to pay for your new ticket depending on how the desk attendant. Paying for a ticket twice on top of missing the flight would make anyone scream. Likewise, waiting in an airplane terminal for a delayed fight for hours is very boring if you don't have a laptop, reading material, or anything else to help pass the time.

So next time you are getting ready to go to the airport for your trip, make sure you regularly check your flight's status to avoid any of these problems.

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